Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Delicious as an Enchirito? Installment V

Oh boy! Now before y'all immediately get it in your heads that KFed is certainly NOT delicious as an enchirito--that you would rather have a Dustin Diamond/Screech/Mr. Belding enchirito before anything KFed, check out his earrings. they look like diamond sunflowers. beautiful.

Basically, since he debuted his latest single at Sunday's Teen Choice Awards, I feel the obligation to give him some blog time since Brit and he are second only to me in their love for Taco Bell. I mean, even I haven't said I want my kids to work at Taco Bell (though think of all the free food! Yeah, it's cheap already but free is way different--and way better--than cheap!). So what if he supposedly had a terrible performance--or, if you rather go by AP standards, a "not half-bad" performance. His attempt at stardom and not living off his wife (weak attempt though it may be) is enough for him to weasle his way back onto my blog. I missed him. Admit it, you did too because even though we can get on our high house and call him a trashy, dumb, starchy hat wearing, wife-mooching, FERTILE, babymama-leaving, talentless Vanilla Ice wannabe, that part of ourselves that loves the shock and awe of the celeb world doesn't want this guy to slide off the radar for very long.

With that said, delicious as an enchirito?


Blogger Ashley said...

I actually saw this performance. It was god-awful.

12:10:00 PM  

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