Monday, June 26, 2006

Crunchwrap to Compensate for an "Ulti-mate" Flop?

I jumped back into the blogasphere energetically thanks to the crunchwrap news.

I have bad news to report, though. No one has given me the "Ulti-mate Chalupa" diamond ring from E-bay. That's okay. I'm probably not ready to commit to a diamond, much less the guy attached to it. So no worries--the tearful breakdown was short and sweet, and I'll attribute all the ensuing snot to my sickness instead of the heartbreak.

More interesting is that my internet search into the results of the E-Bay bidding has produced nothing. I was out of town when the bidding ended. E-Bay search results since then claim to never have heard of the "ulti-mate chalupa". Google searches give me no results on the diamond's ultimate fetching or buyer. So, I must conclude: no one bid on the diamond. The Taco Bell Foundation wasted $10,000 on a ring no one wanted because the free shipping and free chalupa which was to accompany the ring was not enough incentive to marry. Maybe Taco Bell consumers aren't the marrying types. Maybe we rather spend our life savings of $10,000 on crunchwraps than a ring for a lovely girl like myself. Hey, I understand. I suppose my "ultimate" (no clever hypen intended) point is: Taco Bell wants to take the bad press off a media bite gone awry by introducing something much more clever and enticing: the spicy chicken crunchwrap. In light of this new menu item, who can remember diamond rings and free chalupas?

So ultimately (i must say it again), Taco Bell should stick to food, not diamonds. Shocking, yes?


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