Monday, May 08, 2006

Nicole Richie Tries to Gain Weight

I did not request a subscription to Vanity Fair. Yet I have received issues of the magazine, addressed to me, for the past two months. I cannot explain it, but it enabled to me to read the article of the hour: Nicole Richie admits that she is "too thin". No, she doesn't admit to having a eating disorder. Apparently, she stops eating when stressed, and her December engagement break-off with DJ AM sent her over the edge (I guess this is where she went from eating nothing to eating even more nothing).

She realized that she had lost too much weight and needed to gain some back. She tried and tried but couldn't. So, worried that something was wrong, she began seeing doctors and nutritionists, who are helping her. Supposedly. I don't see a difference. Nicole waived her patient/doctor confidentially rights so that Vanity Fair could speak to her doctors. After some pause, they did, reporting that they have yet to declare her an anorexic although her weight is in the "realm of anoxeria". no shit?

So how is she trying to gain weight? The answer brings me to the very point of this posting. The night before the interview, she proudly reported that she had TACO BELL. The girl doesn't eat for a year and when she does, she decides to start with Taco Bell (and a chocolate bar earlier in the day). Okay, she's probably lying, but she decided to go with the Taco Bell lie which means it's her dream meal, right? Or something like that. Well, good luck to you, Nicole. May the crunchwrap be with you.


Blogger anne altman said...

UGH please. anorexics and their denial is so tiring. we don't excuse fat people who deny they have a weight problem--we say, "you're obese." she's a victim of hollywood should just admit that she succumbed. brilliant tie in, liz, because she did say she was "eating" her way back to a healthy weight with burritos--see everything does go back to taco bell...

11:35:00 AM  
Blogger whipcreamy said...

this is slightly off the subject, but has anyone ever seen the simple life? i know the show is on repeats now and paris and nicole have long hated each other, but DAMN! nicole ritchie actulaly had a nice, cute, curvey body. that was back when she ate more taco bell. i blame paris hilton for nicole's eating probs...i mean paris seems to rub off on people the wrong lindsay lohan. so i am going to start calling paris hilton the anti-taco.

12:35:00 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

thoughtful comments, you two. i like it. yes, it all goes back to TB. it's really amazing: the universal love, that is. paris is so the anti-taco. i don't know if i blame it all on paris, though. her anorexia. apparently, she went right from rehab for heroin to not eating--trading one addiction for another. did you hear that lindsay just snatched up paris' ex--or possibly snatched him up while he was still dating paris? lindsay lohan is in her own world of causing trouble, i.e. not eating taco bell.

1:09:00 PM  

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