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Grey's Anatomy: Sunday, April 30

FINALLY, right? It's been weeks since we've had something new. The last one was really, really good--much better than it'd been of late. But I have to admit, the few weeks I went without a new episode lessened my interest in the show. I know, I know, maybe that makes me a fair-weather friend, and I have no excuses.

That said, I am still up for discussing last night's episode.

I loved the peak of the episode, wherein we saw shots of 3-4 different storylines rotating. very nice and intense.

But to break it down:

Meridith--oh Meridith, you are an idiot. I don't know how I am going to defend you after your performance last night. Why in the world would she act like such a bumbling fool in front of Chris O'Donnell...and go on and on about how she's knitting, not dating. If this scene was reality, not a night-time drama, he would have been out the door, having pegged her as CRAZY. which she clearly is. So she turns down this hot vet and goes on her way to work and realizes "oh maybe that was a dumb decision" so she returns to the vet's office wherein she again loses all ability to talk and act like a normal person. They go off to birth a horse. Good times. Not a date--just an errand. THen he invites her upstairs for a shower. separate showers and promises that he will not have sex with her even if she loses all willpower, as she assumes she will. same room with a man=sex. next week she says to derek: you can't call me a whore. no he can't. but we can. so off she goes and showers alone in his apartment, only to come down the stairs, hair wet, man's shirt on (oh, she needed new clothes and a shower because of the horse birthing and all. the vet, on the other hand, completely clean). and in walks derek with doc the dog (what a BAD name) who is sick again and he looks at meridith with some disgust...or disappointment...or jealously? probably all. shock, certainly.

derek and addison: so after he witnesses meridith at vet's, he returns to the trailor to a complaining addison to insist that they have hot sex in the shower (this following a morning attempt at good sex...not successful). so why did seeing meridith cause this reaction? he realizes both women he loves are sluts so he might as well try to make it work (really try) with the one he's married to. or because he thinks this is revenge upon meridith. or maybe he's so filled with rage at himself for giving meridith up that he is trying to focus on why, oh why, he gave it all up. who knows? do we care anymore? addison, though, she is growing on me. what with trying to help out a patient and when alex turns on her...well, she won't let that little punk win this power struggle.

alex: he is sooo leaving at the end of this year.

george and izzy and denny: fine, whatever, boring. denny is going to kick it. baily is not pleased with izzy. understandably. george and izzy are friends again. george has moved back to meridith's. he and izzy and his new girl callie are all eating cookies and opening beers.

burke: he and christina are still great.

i don't know if i am missing anything. maybe i was too tired and didn't take in the new episode as lovingly as normal.

so what's going to happen on the season finale?

i'm feeling a little too indifferent right now to make an educated guess. hopefully next week's episode will inspire me.


Blogger Ashley said...

Some of this sounds familiar...
I like Burke but that story about the musician last night was weak I thought.
Addison is growing on me as well which is surprizing. Saw her on Ellen when I was sick two weeks ago. Like her in person too (well as in person as an interview is). We already reviewed how frightening McD is over interviews.
Denny is so hot I wish he would stay but I am bored to tears with this story as well.
I like how all these people are nuts. Makes me feel normal. Although I agree no one would put up with Meredith or Izzy or George or any of them for that matter with some of the ways they have acted.
Sorry for rambling like Meredith.

3:50:00 PM  
Blogger anne altman said...

your review so makes me wish i watch this show.

but i'm all about mormons these days! they have hot sex too!

10:34:00 AM  
Blogger whipcreamy said...

well i thought this episode was full of kind of drama. not the superbowl episode kind of drama. i know that we are supposed ot think alex is a shmuck for doing what he did to addison, but i was secretly routing for him. does that make me an a-hole? probably. but i wonder how much of me routing for him was due to the fact that i want to see more drama on the show....probably. and now that i know that the worst that can happen is some insurance claim, i don't care anymore. plus, the wife of the religious dude still gets to tell him that it was a complication....

hmmm....liz brought up a good point in an email. perhaps izzy will be the intern that will leave at the end of the season because she is breaking a rule by being too close to Denny. The signs point toward Alex, but maybe ABC is pulling a fast one on us and wants us to think it is Alex...hmmmm. did anyone see the commercial during grey's for a movie or tv show that izzy is going to star in? maybe that is a clue that she will be gone....who knows....

glad we have O'Malley back....but I don't like his looks like Mr. Rogers.

poor Baily.

that's all.

11:34:00 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

i agree on the burke/musician thing. i love him but please...boring. at least they aren't trying to break them up yet.

i don't know who would put up with these folks. i guess it's a good thing their characters found each other on tv.

alex: who knows. he did bring on the spice. i like that. i wasn't rooting for him. he gets too judgmental in cases and that is going to get him in TROUBLE.

1:30:00 PM  

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