Friday, April 28, 2006

A Decision Revisited

Yesterday I started reading an article on Tokelau. I'd never heard of these little islands, a colony--of sorts--of New Zealand. 1600 people live on about 6 islands--islands which are TINY. one is the size of one and a half ikeas and the others aren't considerably bigger. they don't like tourists--the one hotel has six rooms and even when not full still sometimes sends people away. there are no restaurants or bars. some people get restless because there's very little to do. but it is gorgeous and sounds like a peaceful, deep breath meditating place to me. that's what i would make of it, anyway. well, i guess that's what i would make of living in any place where i didn't have the responsibility of working/making money. new zealand pretty much hands them their budget, and they get along just fine with that. this place sounds tribal and unique and relaxing so i decided, before even finishing the article, that i wanted to move there--nevermind that they wouldn't want me.

then i realized: no restaurants=no Taco Bell.


No can do.

I love you, Tokelau, and maybe i will see you one day, but it looks like i will not be able to rest these weary bones of mine in your hammocks.



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