Thursday, April 27, 2006

Apologies to my friend

This morning I google-chatted with Ganga (see links) who is currently in Tanzania for a 6 month stint. I am going to paste lines she wrote at the beginning of our conversation as part of my apology for posting a song yesterday, written by a stranger in the land of Amsterdam who had no access to Taco Bell. I didn't even think about the pain of my dear friend who certainly has no access to it in Tanzania. Though, to be fair to myself (i am good at that), I hadn't realized the intensity of Ganga's love for Taco Bell. Sure, I knew she had been to the only Taco Bell in Vermont, at the Burlington Mall, whilst in college, but that doesn't indicate a particular devotion.

SO without further ado, some lines from Ganga, on the Taco Bell (i asked her to put her feelings to song/poetry/autobiography but was not granted that request this morning):

1. hey, i had to stop reading your blog today because the song that someone wrote made me want to eat taco bell soooo much that i had to stop
2. my roomate got a package and in it there was a taco bell enchirito kit, and it was sooo good!!! [this happened last night]
3. but i only took a small portion of one of the enchirito/burrito things but it was soooo good... i lied and said i was full 'cause i didn't want to eat a whole one of her precious surprise, but you should buy that kit and make it... it's soooo good.
4. i think you can find it at the grocery store
5. they give you real tb tortillas. taco bell pushes me over the edge
6. enchirito is a good name for a kid
8. no, i want to EAT taco bell
9. that's all i want to do after i ate 1/4 of that beautiful enchirito last night
10. i played that game with my housemates that i told you about [this is a game in which everyone writes down a number of things people would/wouldn't do/who knows. they mix all of the entries together and then the group votes on who present would be most likely to do such and such] and most of them voted me most likely to eat a spoiled burrito not for money; originally the question was eat it for money, and the votes were different


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I love Ganga.

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