Friday, May 19, 2006

The Blogger Psyche

For those of you who haven't committed to a blog, I must confess something:

I love it.

For those of you who have, you understand, I know.

I am surprised by the joy I take in writing--or, more often, cutting and pasting, information about Taco Bell into this little box, publishing the post, and "expressing myself". I don't mind if those reading think best way I can express myself is through Taco Bell. Some might think that's "shallow" or "pathetic" or "hungry", but I know there's more to me than that--I just don't need cyberspace to know it. Yes, folks, that's called "security".

Are the quotes getting annoying? If I were talking to you, I would be air-quoting like it was going out of style--which some might argue it has. However, if Shelia in Say Anything was rocking the air quotes in 1989 and people brought it back circa 2000, then we'll call it timeless. I needn't question myself. Ah, "security".

Now to the subject at hand: the blogger psyche.

I came across a blog entitled "Think Outside the Blog".

Its title is a clever riff on "Think Outside the Bun" though, with little analysis, one might think--"but wait, this is a blog so you are thinking within the blog. if you were thinking outside the blog, I wouldn't be reading your blog." details, details.

This fellow blogspot blogger blogged about Taco Bell from February to November 2005. That is a long time! I've done this one since February 2006 and am impressed with my committment and ability to stay on topic ("security"), and I could use this dude as a mentor for continuing my committment and passion to the Taco Bell blog.

But there is a problem. I think he might be either dead or lame.

Here is his last entry:

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The ole Bell and Chain

My gf, Julie is getting on my case about all the Taco Bell I've been having. Looks like I will cut down on my joint Bell runs. No matter, i am free to indulge in solo runs on work days.

Today, i had two Chalupas, nachos and a large Pepsi.
posted by Think Outside The Blog at
11:15 AM

Now let's analysize the problems with this fellow and his relationship:

1. he should have put a comma after Julie. if Julie isn't his only girlfriend (which i assume she is since she's the "ole Bell and Chain"), then why the comma before her name.
2. do you think he purposely wrote "bell" instead of "ball" or is Taco BELL so engrained in his mind that Bell just popped out and he didn't even realize his error?
3. if he loves Taco Bell so much then why would he date someone who wants him to ignore/avoid that love. Julie, Julie, Julie: don't you know if he listens to you on this topic that the next time one of his friends or some girly temptress tells him to dump you, he just may since he's obviously prone to giving up true love.
4. Now, to his credit, he does eat A LOT of Taco Bell. Much more than me. Maybe Julie didn't want him to get fat because then she would have to break up with him. Shallow Julie. to fat do you part.
5. BUT now to the heart of the subject. this dude has committed a lot of time to this blog and suddenly he ends it! no "goodbye", no "this is my last post", no "Julie says not only to i have to change my eating habits but i also have to stop blogging on this subject". how does someone do that? I can promise you that if i ever put my TB blog to rest, I will have a farewell posting--probably many. How does one just cut oneself off from a blog without parting words of wisdom or promise of a continued devotion or explanation of the break-up? A blog is not a girl--you can't just leave when things get boring or you find a new blog topic to occupy your time and energy. Please, I need help. I never want to have this dude's mentality. "Security", where are you NOW?


Blogger anne altman said...

abrupt departure!

left us hanging!


such is life. sometimes people don't say goodbye.

10:46:00 AM  
Blogger whipcreamy said...

well, there is also the chance that this taco bell blogger did not have the support unit that you have. you, me, anne, and ashley always look forward to your blog and will even give you inspiration when you have taco bell block. no worries...taco bell creates long as we don't stop eating there, problems will not appear. I believe that the blogger stopped writing because eh cut down on eating taco bell. lame.

10:52:00 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

so he's not dead?

thank you for the reminder of "security" and "support", whipcreamy. i needed it. pretty tramatic stuff.

10:56:00 AM  
Blogger anne altman said...

i don't know what the blog etiquette is when you shut down a blog, i mean, you weren't even a reader and yet youre still devastated.

12:41:00 PM  

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