Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Can I Get a "Wozzers"?, Take 2

Holy Taco! Were you all ready for last night's craziness?

Again, I don't know where to begin. The shows put me all in a tizzy.

So the other shoe fell last night: Izzie is officially out as some of us predicted, but it didn't go down exactly as I thought. Her plan to get Denny the heart worked and he survived the transplant and they got engaged (what??) and all was well. The interns weren't talking. And then he died--peacefully. THe scene with her on the bed with him, surrounded by the interns who didn't know what to do was really sad. I loved that Alex went to her, explained the body wasn't Denny, that Denny knew he was loved and he loved her. How Alex knew just want to say, I don't know but I didn't think it was shocking--he's got some good in him. While it doesn't come out a whole lot, we've seen it, and it came at the perfect time in last night's episode. I liked what those high schools girls said about him: "the cute ones are always assholes". Didn't Izzy look beautiful in that pink dress. Oh, it was gorgeous. It really was a great scene. It's hard for me to buy into the real love/marriage thing so maybe Denny needed to die before their relationship stood the test of the real world. I do think they loved each other but Izzy can have a perfect memory of him without it marred by all the other crap that might have come down the tubes. Okay, maybe they would have been happy together and it was sad that he died, regardless. But also--that all that would go down and him survive is pretty unlikely so even though much of these two last episodes lacked the "reality" thing, this was a little bit of "it doesn't always work out" flash that we viewers like to see in tv dramas. even when it hurts. which it did.

Burke and Christine. Yikes. Christine totally freaked. Her interview with the Chief about the person who cut Denny's heartcord was really, really great. Seeing her cry and admit to an emotional pull and vulnerability was something for her to confess. I mean, it threw the Chief off. Of course, he's was off because of his wife's admittion that she knew about his affair forever ago. (how did she keep that in, by the way?). I think that changed his reaction to her--to wanting her to retain whatever "humaneness" she had begun to realize in herself that day. or admitted that day, anyway. But she could not reconcile these feelings when Burke needed her the most. I honestly thought she'd have to break up with him because of guilt. She couldn't give him advice prior to the surgery--couldn't even be by his side, she couldn't help him concentrate during the surgery, and didn't even visit him afterwards. that was a pretty shocking removal from the situation. i don't know how she did it. but what's wrong with him? what did he mean when he said he hasn't told shepard something. something bad? good? who the hell knows. maybe i missed something or maybe that's for next season. he'll be fine, though. he can't leave the show. thank goodness christina came to her senses by the end of the show and went to him. you know me--i am hell bent on those two staying together.

george and meridith: i love love love that he admitted that he was a fault. yes, she's the stronger one and she should have known better but she didn't and he did. he should have know she didn't like him and maybe wanted it to change but can't hold the fact that she didn't against her forever and ever. so yay, they are friends again.

callie scared me again last night. now--do i have this right--she had never told a boy she loved him until george after only knowing him for a few weeks. run, george, run. this is not an izzy/denny situation. i don't understand it and therefore it can't end well. haha. wait, maybe that isn't a correct equation but i am sticking to it anyway.

and finally: meridith and derek. i don't know if i am skipping something...there was so much and i loved all of their interviews with the chief--that was my favorite part of the episode, but now we have to get onto what we've been waiting for all season. yeah, so recently i haven't been a big fan of derek and mer getting together because they've both annoyed the shit out of me. but still, obviously, i can't help but want to see them together, especially after sunday's episode in which meridith talks about how much she loves "him", meaning derek, not the dog, and addison acknowledging to herself, the chief, and everyone that her marriage is probably over because derek just can't love her like he loves meridith. and then the dog dies yesterday and boy was that sad. i think i cried more than meridith. and then seeing derek watch meridith with vet dude (is his name really fynn? fin? add it to the list, anne)...so they did it in the exam room with vet finn and wife addison outside at "prom", not knowing a thing. i am surprised it didn't happen a long time ago and think the fact that it didn't gives them some credit. i don't know why they didn't have a little discussion first--with each other and wife but so it goes. derek was already cheating in his heart so what's the difference? i think that talk he had with chief about burke being a good and decent person was telling. i think he's felt like a cheater even when he hasn't been cheating so the incentive to physically not cheat was not as present. and meridith loves him and lost her dog and feels a little afraid of "plans" with vet finny so we probably need to forgive them. BUT what is going to happen?

derek seems to be waiting around for meridith at the same time as vet finn. addison left--doesn't he need to go to her for some reason--to tell or not tell. but i think she already knows, having shot meridith a look shortly after derek returned. she's cheated--she knows the signs. so maybe she's outtie. so what is meridith going to do?

if she picks derek, she is picking a married man and who knows what he is thinking. she doesn't seem to want to talk to him about the future. she doesn't want to get hurt again. it's taken her so long to move on and she finally has found someone who is "perfect" for her but she can't let go of derek. of course. so does she force herself to move on with vet finn or put the kabosh on that relationship without knowing if she's giving up on vet for derek who might choose, again, to stay with his wife? i think she is going to pick vet finn (i can't stop calling him that) because she is self-destructive and won't let herself be happy--which she has a chance of being if she picks derek and he picks her. also, this is her chance to pick, it would seem. last time derek had a pick, he picked addison. so maybe she will want revenge. probably not but who knows. erin thinks she is going to pick derek because she is self-destructive and will put herself in another situation wherein she is vulnerable to lots of hurt and rejection.

both are quite likely scenarios. oh, and then ABC will want to keep derek and mer apart for as long as possible to keep people watching and rooting for them to get together. so there's that.

how are we going to last until september/october for another episode?


Blogger anne altman said...

i was only rooting for derek bc he is hotter than chris o'donnell and i was wishing it were me who lost the black "panties"

eeew, meredith


1:06:00 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

his hair is suddenly too much for me. i mean, it's perfect...which is scary.

but yeah, we are supposed to root for him. chris o'd is too nice for meridith.

1:45:00 PM  
Blogger Ashley said...

I don't think Meredith will choose anyone exactly. They will milk it between those two for another season.

I loved George's revelation weeks later as well, agreed.

I just knew Alex was going to pick Izzie up for some reason. He looked so cute in his suit too - anyone else notice that? I have never thought he was hot until then. The "he's to here anymore"" bit was amazing.

I couldn't really get into the hand surgery story. Just didn't buy it so quick or something.

1:49:00 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

hmmm, good thoughts. do you think former movie star chris o'donnell would stick around for another season, though? i mean, he's got the smallest parts. it must be hard on his ego even though he's hot.

yes, alex won me over this time around. i know he'll be an ass soon enough but jeez, that was a great scene...just holding her in that chair while she cried about about another guy--took some coolness and goodness.

2:12:00 PM  

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