Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Things that made me go sniff sniff last night

I usually cry during Grey's Anatomy. Last night was no exception. Because Anne watched it for the first time and cried her eyes out (see her blog), I thought we (all four people who read this blog and watch Grey's) could share moments that made her shed tears.

here are mine: (in no particular order--it was two hours. i can't remember)

1. doc the dog died.
2. chief's niece talking about being loved/loving whilst they were dancing
3. izzy finding denny dead
4. interns not knowing how to react to izzy now that denny is dead
5. alex telling izzy that denny's body is not him (other stuff said here i previously mentioned)
6. derek telling meridith that he doesn't want to look at her like he does; he wants to look at his wife that way, etc
7. chief's one on ones with
--meridith (talking about his affair with her mom/derek's relationship with addison)
--george, talking about love
--christine wanting to know how she suddenly developed humaneness and wanting to get rid of it, asking the chief how he does it and him not wanting to tell her
--okay, alex didn't make me cry but i really like this part wherein he talks about being on a team and playing by the rules, whether or not you like the people on the team
8. that it's over

no, tears aside: one thing i meant to mention earlier: where are all the patients' friends and family members? no one came to see denny the whole year (exaggeration) he was in the hospital and then getting a heart transplant and what--he didn't know one person who cared enough to visit him? maybe it's best he did die because he might not be a very good person, after all. and burke--where are his people? no one goes to visit him. he was shot and maybe paralyzed. maybe ABC is just skimping on the extras.


Blogger anne altman said...

i thought the very same thing about the friends/family not visiting. too many people to write into the storyline, place was damn crowded with the prom and shit.. .

but seriously sniff sniff i thought about you and licorice when they put Doc to sleep..sniff sniff

3:16:00 PM  
Blogger whipcreamy said...

you know...i laughed out loud when anne just wrote about "the prom and shit". i mean, it is pretty ridiculous that there was a whole f-ing prom at the hospital...as if it shut down and there were NO shootings all over Seattle for the three hours of the prom. but this blog entry is not about the prom, it's about what made me cry.

i cried when Chief's Niece looked up at him and said that she had been loved....AHHH! It was so sad! and so true! and it also showed when she was telling her friends about her first time. addison got annoyed, but even addison learned asomething from this young girl.

not too much made me cry about the finale with all of the ups and downs, but i LOVED it when all of the interns stuck up for Izzy. It was not very professional, but I have been waiting since Mer and O'Malley's fight for the gang to be back together again. that is all i wanted...and they did it! the only thing left is to get back O'Malley's shaggy hair....or else I am renaming my cat to Manny...as in Manny Ramirez. Not b/c he is a great baseball player, but b/c he wears his uniform all baggy...and O'malley is kind of a baggy cat who would wear a doo rag if he played baseball.....

4:00:00 PM  
Blogger anne altman said...

a good source tells me that the original name of the show was be "Complications"

4:50:00 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

i love it.
yes, please fall season, bring back o'malley's hair. trade callie for it.

1:16:00 PM  

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