Monday, April 03, 2006

A Murderer's Last Meal

Posted: Monday, 03 April 2006 12:05PMNH Woman Charged with Killing/Burning MA Man
Boston (WBZ Newsroom) -- A New Hampshire charged with killing a Wilmington man and burning his body is headed to the Granite State to face a murder charge.Sheila Labarre of Epping made a brief appearence this morning in Chelsea District Court. Authorities say she killed 24-year old Kenneth Countie of Wilmington and burned his body. Labarre's attorney says she is "shocked" by the allegaton.
It was learned at today's hearing that Lebarre had $30,000 on her when she was arrested yesterday at a Revere shopping center.Labarre owns a hundred acre farm, and a neighbor, Tom Sutliffe says he met her once, and she sat in his kitchen for two hours and told him her life story. Sutliffe tells WBZ he thinks Labarre was meeting young men over the internet, inviting them up to her farm.Now he's worried about the welfare of another young man, who Sheila said was from South Boston,and was at the farm about the same time Kenneth Countie was killed, according to the neighbor.

The other night, before the Grey's Anatomy preview for next week, Erin saw a preview for the upcoming local news, briefing the above story whilst showing a Taco Bell in the background. Though she's not normally a local news viewer, obviously she had to watch. murder? taco bell? oh my! So the story begins with the camera focusing on the sign for the Revere Shopping Center, listing all the stores in this dingy shopping center. We know this sign well. The Taco Bell in this shopping center is the one we visited after my arrival to Boston a few weeks ago. In fact, because the dining room was closed, we ate in the car, staring at the sign, discussing it.

The news story continued: after focusing on the sign, the camera slowly swirled around to focus in on the Taco Bell just as a voice is heard: she was found here.

was she apprehended in the Taco Bell? Did a woman who had 30,000 cash on her pick a meal at Taco Bell over a more pricy dinner? One can only assume. She's probably crazy but this choice might deny her the insanity plea.

What do you want on your tombstone?


Blogger whipcreamy said...

I am sure she was in taco bell inquiring about having them cater her funeral. i mean she must have known that she was gonna get she probably wanted to spend the 30 grand before she was caught....very smart if i don't say so myself!

8:52:00 AM  

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