Monday, April 03, 2006

Grey's Anatomy: Back to Basics

Finally!!! After a few disappointing episodes, last night’s Grey’s Anatomy reminded me why I like this show so much. I’d begun to think it was just a passing infatuation.

I’ll dissect:

Meridith: okay, what was the reference she made at the beginning of the show to mark? She said to Derek and Addison that she’s picking celibacy (and knitting) over mistakes—i.e. married men, mark, and george. Mark? What??????? Did she just say that for Addison’s sake, perhaps to cause a little discomfort between Derek and her? Last we saw him, he was waiting at the bar for Addison…with Meridith. They lamented over being the naughty mistresses. Whatever: she didn’t even know Derek was married. So what happened? I think the only way we’ll find out for sure is to bring old Mark back. I think all the ladies watching would appreciate that. Anyway, speaking of eye candy, I’m glad I saw this vet in the preview for next week. I’m ready for the Meridith/Derek thing to be over for now. They think they’re friends, it’s lame, let’s move on.
Meanwhile, Meridith has a sister and her dad wants to be reconnect with her. It had the possibility of being cheesy, yes, but both of their hesitations and ultimately not confronting each other made it more realistic. Much appreciated. And hey…good for the chief stepping in and trying to find some support for Meridith.

George: okay, so he makes Callie’s “world stop.” alright! Hopefully we’ve seen the end of him whining about Meridith although there was some of that but it’s waning…maybe. I liked Izzy’s dislike of Callie. For what reason? Who knows but it’s good. By the way, Erin named her new cat O'Malley.

Izzy: is the heart patient not dying now? Still in the hospital but for how long? I thought we were to believe he was going to die this week. Well, maybe next week. The show isn’t real world—he’s gotta get a new heart or die soon. We’re losing our patience with the bedside scrabble games.

Alex: Hey! I liked him last night. He stood up to Burke and was right to do so…maybe he was going against his doctor protocol but he was going with his heart…and so we are reminded that he does have one though we rarely see it. I still think it’s going to be the intern who leaves this year. I don’t want him to, but if someone has to go…

Christina: background story. Entertaining, funny, she’s still great.

Bailey: hey, she didn’t bring her baby to work! Maybe that’s why the chief wasn’t putting her on the board. The interaction between among Derek, brain surgery speller, and her was quite funny and touching. I love it when they make the hard-asses momentarily and believably sensitive.
Well, I think that about covers it. I have some Taco Bell research to do now.


Blogger Ashley said...

Thank god it was better this week. I felt the same way. Check out the review in EW:,6115,1179438_3_0_,00.html?cid=recirc|people
The one other thing I will say is Callie is weird but I love that she is over 100 lbs. and that it doesn't seem to be in the script.
Oh, and James laughed watching Greys on the TV downstairs when I yelled "OH HOT" when Chris O'Donnell came on screen from the TV upstairs. I never really thought he was hot before but yet again we have a man looking better with age (and a beard) a la Stamos and Clooney, etc.

1:20:00 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

what? i didn't even realize that was Chris O'Donnell! wow. what a beard can do for a man. thanks for the review site...i am going to it now. i like that about callie, too! i thought they would make something of it but they haven't and she's all "i'm hot". very nice.

1:59:00 PM  
Blogger whipcreamy said...

this was my dream episode! screw meredith and izzy for assuming characteristics about george's personality! he is the MAN! way better than Derek! Derek is a shmucky face! I concur with Ashley's Callie comment....and I also did not know that the vet was Chris O'Donnell. hmmmm. well, like ashley, i am going to give him a second chance. maybe he will be good for meredith...oh and i wasnted to add a comment about alex. yes it was good that he stood up to Burke about the cancer mother/daughter scenario....but is it really alex's business? i mean, he is not there to give advice...he is there to perform surgury. what if it was me in that bed and alex started telling me his personal view that if i didnt get saved i would go to hell (assuming that alex is a christian freak). i would be pissed that he was getting in my busniess even though he has good intentions. so i belive that he will be the intern that is leaving this season...he may be a good med student, but perhaps he is not cut out for the job....maybe he should look into psychology? he would be a GREAT military psychologist. the end.

2:35:00 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

erin, what about alex makes him seem like a "christian freak"? he was right! mom wasn;t going to tell her daughter she was dying until she was dead. but look how they were both glad, in the end, that she did. well, we can disagree. that is why i like the show. so much to talk about! but he wasn't saying she was going to hell! just that it would be better for her daughter to know.

2:44:00 PM  
Blogger whipcreamy said...

i probably did not explain myself well enough...i was just super excited to respond and my thoughts did not come out correctly. i was making an analogy. i am not saying anything about alex's religion...just that he was giving this woman his moral opinion. that is not his job....his job is to fulfull her wishes. i agree with his morals...that she should not lie to her daughter...but once again, it is not his job to get into her business...and that is why i think he will be the intern whe leaves. I believe that he will either leave on his own or get thrown out for his innappropriate Doctor behavior....there are rules in Doc/patient relationships....even though grey's anatomy does not usually abide by them ie: izzy/heart guy. later.

2:58:00 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

ah ha! that makes more sense (i understand the excitement). i concur completely then. he shouldn't have said anything but i am glad he did because: 1. he was right, 2. it takes guys standing up to burke, 3. it further sets the stage for his departure, and 4. every now and then the writers have to remind us that he can be genuine (he's usually not but he's a realistic character in this regard).

3:03:00 PM  

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