Thursday, March 23, 2006

Erin dreams of Taco Bell too!

Here is her dreams, in her own words:

Last week I dreamed that I went to taco bell in some unknown place. All I know is that it was dark outside and the taco bell had a walk up window. The neighborhood we were in was creepy and the only light came from the walk up if this window was the only safe haven in the whole town. There was a person in front of me ordering and I looked up at the menu, which only had quick and easy taco bell items (bean burritos, soft tacos). When it was my turn to order I ordered two bean burritos with no onions. i was so excited for the burritos that I almost forgot to ask for sauce (something I do quite often). When the burritos came I asked the woman behind the register for some mild sauces and she replied, "we don't have any sauce left!". The woman was quite rude and I was pissed at her response. I mean, I am a taco bell conesiour and she did not know who she was messing don't just sell someone two bean burritos without letting them know that there is no more sauce left...that's like selling someone a big mac at mcdonalds and saying oh! there's no meat in that big mac (this analogy may only be true for me, but that's how important mild sauce is to me). so i decided to tell the lady at taco bell that i was a food critic and i was rating all the taco bells in the area. i just remembered that i told the women that one taco bell would be closed down if they got the worst marks meaning that these ladies would lose their jobs (i was lying in the dream, i was just a normal taco bell civillian). The woman who snapped at me didnt seem to care and I was ready to tell her how she would be losing her job when the other taco bell woman (the one actually making the bean burritos) bent over to get something. when i realized what it was she was handing it to was a special mild was so huge! i would sya that it was 3 by 6 was just bulging like it was about to burst! the one packet was perfect to cover two bean burritos!and that, my friends, is where the dream ends.


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